Frozen food is a cost effective option
  • Making the same dish from scratch can cost an average of 30% more than buying in the frozen
  • Frozen food is not season dependent and therefore unaffected by out-of-season price rises.

Frozen food offers greater portion control
  • With frozen, you only cook what you need – the rest can be stored and used at a later date
  • Pre-prepared frozen meals are packed in specific quantities for appropriate serving sizes
  • Frozen fish, meat and poultry products are sold in consistent sizes per pack meaning there are no extra large or small portions.

Using frozen food can significantly reduce food waste
  • The long shelf life of frozen food stops goods spoiling before they are cooked
  • You can use as little or as much frozen food as is needed.

 Frozen food offers great flexibility and convenience
  • Frozen food allows you to cope with fluctuations in customer menu choices and cover numbers
  • Frozen offers better stock control – giving you increased menu flexibility and stability
  • Pre-prepared frozen meals are quick and convenient to reheat and require little preparation.

Technological improvements in freezing technology have improved the quality of frozen food
  • Most commercial foods are now ‘quick frozen’ – this process minimizes any cell structure damage
  • It is impossible for bacteria, yeast or mould to multiply on frozen food meaning that as long as it is stored at the correct
    temperature it will not spoil
  • Freezing preserves food in its freshest state locking in the nutritional qualities, fresh flavours and natural textures of the food.

Frozen food is a safe and hygienic choice
  • Freezing stops all microbiological activity including harmful pathogens that cause food poisoning
  • Frozen foods stored at -18°C or lower will remain safe indefinitely
  • Freezing is an entirely natural process.

Frozen food is equally as traceable as fresh food
  • Since January 2005, it has been a legal requirement for all food businesses to implement a traceability system – including supplier details, goods details and dates
  • Every frozen food manufacturer is required to keep documentation on where their food has come from and where it is going – this method continues all the way up the supply chain enabling food to be traced back to its exact point of origin
  • Vast supply chain improvements in recent years allow customers to track their frozen food through every step of its journey.