Griddle Quality Brand

Griddle Quality Brands is a meat distributor in the true sense of the word. We offer a full basket from back bacon to ribs, pork steaks & eisbein. Located in Winterton and Balito, Griddle Quality Brands (GQB) supplies hotels, restaurants, retailers as well as smaller B & B’s. Weekly delivery schedules for larger concerns to help facilitate storage.

Our business is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of our customers.

Take some time and explore our other businesses.

Luffingham Farming

Ambleside Farm was established by Geoffrey Luffingham in 1936, who decided to focus his farming efforts primarily on pig production and dairying. His son Nigel Luffingham took over the running of the farm in 1968 and grew the farm to a 600 sow piggery with 90 dairy cows and 900 mutton marino sheep. Nigel embarked upon a regime to slaughter and market his own pigs via a pig abattoir in Glencoe… Read More

Loving Hams

Loving HamsLocated on Ambleside Farm, Lovinghams Meats was opened in 2006 to provide Primalised Pork cuts to the trade. After numerous requests for processed pork products, especially from the smaller butcher, we now offer a full basket of products from Pork Sausages to Bacon, Cold meats, Gammons and fresh as well as frozen Pork primal cuts. We also produce customized products…Read More

The Pig & Plough Farm Shop

Pig & Plough

Opened for business on 1st February 2011, the Pig and Plough Farm Shop is wholly aimed at stocking local products and home produce. One of the main drawcards is our own locally grown range of delicious Pork products. The Pig and Plough is very “Family orientated”. Our main focus is on children and there is a fenced in play area, animal petting farm as well as a dam with ducks to feed…Read More

Ambleside Cottage

Ambleside Cottage

Ambleside Cottage is situated on the banks of the Little Tugela River, which rises at the head of the Injasuti Valley on top of the Drakensberg Mountains. The Cottage is a double volume building
with open plan kitchen and lounge. It is a three bedroom unit with one bedroom upstairs with ensuite shower room. There are two bedrooms down stairs one with a ensuite wet room the other with adjacent bathrooms…Read More

Ambleside Meats

Ambleside MeatsWholly owned by a group of pig producers, Ambleside Meats opened in April 2004, to both add value to the farmer’s pigs and have more control over the sale of their livestock. Regular audits by both Abattoir hygiene and animal welfare experts, as well as state officials, ensure an exceptional product with extended shelf life. As well as traceablitiy from farm of origin to retail destination…Read More

Kwa Phakamisa Meats

Opened in 2009 to service the local community, Kwa Phakamisa Meats is a factory shop in the true sense of the word. From back bacon to smoked bones, pork steaks & eisbein, we offer to the public a retail shop at wholesale prices. Especially popular with the Spaza shops and rural township tearooms, we have adopted a no frills approach to packaging and branding...Read More