1.1′   In these Conditions,   the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder:

1.1.1      “The Application   for Credit  Facilities”  means  the application  to the Company  by the Customer for    credit  facilities   in respect  of the future  business  relationship   with the Company  to which  this document   is  attached  and in respect  of which  the Customer, by applying for such credit terms, agrees to be bound in all and every respect.

1.1.2     “The Company”   means Ambleside Meats CC. Registration   No. 1999/014828/23

1.1.3   “The  Customer”   means  any  person,  firm,  company,  close  corporation   or association   on whose  request  or on whose  behalf, The Company   undertakes   any-business   or delivers any goods or provides any service.

1.1.4     “Goods” means  any meat products or other products owned, controlled  or handled  by the Company  whether  as principal  or agent.

1.1.5    “Signatory”   means  the person  or persons  signing  the application  for credit  facilities  on behalf  of the Customer  and binding  the Customer to the Standard Trading Terms and Conditions of the Company.

1.2  The head  notes  to these  terms  and conditions  are for the purpose  of reference  only and shall  not govern  the interpretation   thereof.

1:3 Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall include   the feminine gender and words importing persons shall include companies and vice versa

1.4  The terms  and conditions  shall be binding on and enforceable   against  the assigns,  liquidators,  curators  or any other  legal  representative of the Customer  as fully and effectually  as if they had signed  the application  for Credit  Facilities  in the first  place  and reference  to the Customer  shall  be deemed  to include  its assigns,  liquidators,  curators  and  any other  legal   representatives   as the case  may  be.


2.1 The price charged will be those applicable at the date of despatch of the goods unless otherwise agreed in        writing.

2.2   All prices quoted reflect prices before VAT.

2.3   In the event that the rate of VAT increases or decreases or VAT is withdrawn, the respective amounts payable shall be adjusted accordingly


3.1  Unless otherwise  specifically agreed  between  the Company  and the Customer in writing, the Customer shall pay to the Company in cash immediately upon presentation of the account concerned all sums due to the Company without deduction or set-off and payments shall not be withheld or deferred on the basis of any claims as alleged by the Customer against the company.

3.2  All and any monies received from the Customer shall be appropriated   by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion in respect of any debt owed by the customer to the company which is not in dispute or any portion of such debt.

3.3  The Company shall under no circumstances be precluded from raising any debit or obtaining payment in respect of any fee or disbursements due to it.

3.4  The contents  of any statement   of account  rendered  by the Company  to the Customer  shall  be deemed  to be true and correct, unless disputed  in writing  and received  by the Company  within  thirty   (30) days  after the date of despatch  of the  statement  to the Customers.

3.6 In the event of the Customer –

(a)    failing  to make  payment  of any amount   owing  on due date ( as defined  in clause  3.1 hereof  and as may specifically    be agreed in  writing  between  the Company  and the Customer);

(b)    failing  to honour  any other  obligations  within  seven  (7) days of receipt  of written  notice  to do so;

(c)    Committing an act which if committed by a natural person would constitute an act of insolvency in terms of Section 8 of the Insolvency Act, Act 24 of 1936 (as amended);

(d)    entering into a compromise   of whatsoever   nature with its creditors;

(e)    failing to satisfy a judgement   granted against it within seven (7) days of the date of judgement;

(f)    passing  on any goods  acquired  from  the Company  to any third party  for resale  without  the prior written  consent  of the Company;

(g)    alienating  or losing  control  of its business  or, if a company  or close   corporation,   the shareholding  or membership  in such entity  changing  hands without  the written  consent  of the Company  first being obtained;

(h)    deviating  from  its former  principle  business  or acquiring  any ancillary  or additional  business  without  first  informing  the Company thereof in writing;

Then and in that event, the Company shall be entitled forthwith and without notice to the Customer-

(I)     immediately to suspend delivery of all orders-on-hand in respect of the Customer;

(ii)    summarily  to cancel any credit facilities granted  by the Company  to the Customer,  in which case all amounts  owing by the  Customer to the Company shall immediately  become due and payable;

(iii)    To demand and obtain payment in respect of the full balance outstanding (notwithstanding the dates when such goods were purchased and when the amounts in respect thereof would ordinarily become due);

(iv)  Claim any damages which may be due by the Customer to the Company flowing from non-payment   or any breach of the aforesaid terms and conditions.

3.7 The Customer acknowledges   that should payment not conform to the terms agreed between the Customer   and the Company, interest may be charged on any overdue amount at the maximum  rate of interest allowed in terms of the Prescribed Rate of Interest Act, calculated and debited monthly in arrears.